What's All Included?

All the designs come priced for just the timberframe portion of the project. This includes the production, staining, and installation of the structure. Additional costs that may be required are listed on the price pages as well as addressed in the questions below 

What are the Foundation Options?

It is imperative for the longevity of your structure that it be installed on an appropriate foundation. The customer can choose to address this themselves and have it ready for installation day or they can request we take care of it for them. If that were the case we install a groundhog anchor under each post, see their products here. (http://www.groundhoganchors.ca/ )

Does The Roof Need To Be Enclosed?

There is the option on all of the structures to leave them open to above and let the sun and elements come through. If you would like shelter though, all of the designs other than the pergola have the option to include tongue and groove ceiling boards installed on top of the rafters; and then sheeting and shingles on top of that for an additional charge as shown on the price pages.

What Products Do You Use?

The timber itself is kiln dried Eastern White Pine and comes from a mill close to Fort Frances Ontario. As with any real wood, it will have the tendency to crack and shift slightly with time, one of endearing features of real wood. 

I use Sansin finishes to stain and protect my creations, (http://www.sansin.com/ ) an environmentally friendly company that gives countless colour options and strong protection.

The ceiling boards are a 2 x 6 pine product, also produced nearby at the Fort Frances mill and available in a V Groove or a flat installation.

I like to use Cambridge architectural shingles by IKO for roofing(iko.com/Cambridge/Shingles), but would be open to discussion should a customer be interested in another product.

How Often Will My Structure Need Maintence

If maintained responsibly an exterior timberframe can last many years. Inside and out of the elements they have been known to last for over a hundred years. Exact maintenance schedules for exterior timber will vary depending on your climate region but range from 3-5 years on average between recommended touch up coats.

Do You Do Custom Projects?

This web site is a sample of projects I've designed with an attached price tag to help educate people on what their timberframe will cost and help them visualize how beautiful timberframing can be.

 I'm also very open to custom projects and would love to hear what ideas you have so we can create a unique space perfectly tailored to your needs.